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Automate all of your startup equity management operations and financings in a single collaborative hub.

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Shoobx has been acquired by Fidelity

Shoobx has been acquired by Fidelity Investments — their first acquisition in more than seven years.

With this acquisition, Fidelity will be able to offer a private market platform for the very first time and Shoobx will be the solution, focused on expanding our services to private companies, law firms, and VCs.

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Connecting all stakeholders in a single hub

We connect all the dots – the mission-critical data and players – improving communication between all stakeholders and boosting confidence.

Startup Founders & Finance Teams

Law Firms

Investors and VCs

Automate all of your equity operations and financings in one place

Manage equity and ownership operations

We make it easy for companies at any stage to manage their equity and ownership operations.

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Organize and secure your documents

Ours is the only platform that provides an automated data room that instantly organizes your documents and provides customized permissioning allowing you to:

  • Simplify the organization of data and documents
  • Have one single source of data that is always up-to-date
  • Easily share with investors and other stakeholders by updating permissions

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Plan and automate your fundraising faster

We make it easy to save time and money as you finance your company so you can focus on growing your business while saving money on legal fees:

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Improve communication and access with your board and stockholders

Increase investor and board confidence by streamlining communication and providing customized access.

  • Board management
  • Streamlined communication in one hub
  • Customized permissions to easily share data and reports

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Solving real problems growing companies face

“The automated equity financing capability eliminated the need for me to manage multiple versions of documents, send them back and forth to attorneys and investors, and continuously revise a cap table.”

– Derrick Morse, CEO, Rugged Robotics

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Derrick Morse - Rugged Robotics CEO

“Shoobx has shown itself to be really flexible and customizable. It takes into account the inherent complexity of the legal process.”

– Ryan Juliano, Vice President & Attorney, Howell Legal

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Ryan Julian, VP & Attorney, Howard Legal

“I really feel like I got hands-on, direct knowledge from working with Shoobx. There’s nothing I need that Shoobx doesn’t have.”

-Kelley Hicks, Chief Financial Officer, Burrow

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Cap Table Management

Your cap table is always accurate and diligence-ready with real-time data.

Automated Data Room

Stay diligence-ready with the automated data room.

409A Valuations

Get fast, accurate, and competitively-priced 409A valuations from our third-party industry-vetted partners.

HR Onboarding

Hire and manage employees easily with our HR Onboarding.

Scenario Modeling

Explore hypothetical scenarios including exit and dilutions, future rounds, and exports.

Expert Support

Our excellent guidance is always included — our team is ready to help you whenever you need.

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