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Shoobx is the one place where entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, and board members can come together to generate, review, approve, and execute company documents. Shoobx is a system of record, execution, and engagement built to simplify standard corporate legal processes so entrepreneurs can focus on what matters most: their company.
Shoobx Dashboards

Company Incorporation

Use Shoobx to incorporate your company and for all of your post-incorporation activities.

Cap Table

Your cap table is live and constantly updating based upon your information in Shoobx.

Secure Data Room

All of your data is securely stored in the right place for all of the right people. Two-step authentication available.

Stock Incentive Plan

Create and manage your stock incentive plan with straightforward steps. Issue and exercise electronic stock certificates via Shoobx.

Human Resources

Hiring and onboarding workflows can be customized to meet your company’s unique HR needs.

409A Valuations

Perform a 409A valuation affordably and quickly by leveraging all of the data already stored and organized in your secure data room.


Using Shoobx, you can close a round of financing in days and spend a fraction of typical legal costs.

ASC 718

Prepare your stock option expensing disclosures in a matter of seconds.

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Shoobx is the one place where entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, board members, and employees, can contribute their unique piece of the corporate puzzle. The list of Shoobx capabilities is impressive and long. Have a look around and see how Shoobx could make your life easier!

Need to Incorporate?

Shoobx can step you through the entire Delaware C Corp incorporation process. We generate all of your required documentation and submit it to Delaware on your behalf. Once it’s returned we’ll upload all your documentation into Shoobx and send you the hard copies. Incorporation is $99 plus Delaware fees. The process typically takes 2-5 days.

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See how Toast grew to 300 employees and raised a 30M Series B on the Shoobx platform!

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