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Shoobx is changing the way that companies operate and grow. Our all-in-one platform gives your team all the tools you need to manage your company throughout its entire lifecycle. Your business doesn’t run in silos, and our integrated approach takes advantage of these natural overlaps. HR feeds equity, equity feeds fundraising, fundraising feeds HR, and governance defines the rules. By giving you a single place to manage your company, Shoobx lets you focus your time and resources on growing the business.

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Expect More

For too long, running your business has meant paying too much and receiving too little. Operations should be seamless, not siloed. At Shoobx, we’re changing the game with our integrated feature-rich platform. What do you get with Shoobx? 

Human Resources

Shoobx manages all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to job changes to offboarding. Our suite of HR features also includes comprehensive reporting, org chart, payroll integration, and employee portals.

Company Formation

Incorporate your company as a Delaware C Corp with Shoobx and have everything in the right place from day one. Establish the structure of your company from board members to initial ownership.


Close a round of financing in days and spend a fraction of typical legal costs with Shoobx. Execute your SAFEs, convertible promissory notes, and equity financings with our automated workflows to get money in your pocket faster.

Secure Data Room

At the end of any of our 50+ workflows, all of your final executed documents are automatically organized in your Shoobx data room. Access controls and audit tracking are built in.

Equity Management

Grant equity with ease through our automated workflows. Our dynamic stock ledger and capitalization table are always up-to-date. We generate e-certificates, and can handle multiple classes of stock, 409A valuations, and more.


From lawyers reviewing documents to investors conducting diligence to board members signing consents, Shoobx makes it easy for third parties to work with you on our platform.


Board and stockholder approvals are integrated into every workflow. Efficiently request and track signatures through the platform. We’ll even handle your board meeting minutes and stockholder communications.

Security and Permissions

Our permissioning features allow you to grant access to the right people in the right places. Shoobx is ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified because we care about security and data privacy.

Meet Our Clients

At Shoobx, we love our clients. You can learn more about them by visiting our Client Spotlight page, or see Shoobx in action by reading our Toast case study.

Shoobx In Action

Learn more about how Shoobx can help you start and grow your company. 

Shoobx + Lawyers

There are over fifty law firms representing clients on the Shoobx platform today. We collaborate with attorneys across the country to make it easy for lawyers to deliver services through Shoobx. Shoobx is partnered with Goodwin and DLA Piper, allowing their clients access to firm-specific documents via our platform.

Let’s Get Started!

Join over 7,000 users already on Shoobx. There are two different ways to get your company onto our platform, and whether or not you’re already incorporated determines which path you’ll take.

Need to Incorporate?

Shoobx can step you through the entire Delaware C Corp incorporation process. We generate all of your required documentation and submit it to Delaware on your behalf. Once it’s returned we’ll upload all your documentation into Shoobx and send you the hard copies. Incorporation is $99 plus Delaware fees. The process typically takes 2-5 days.

Already Incorporated?

If your company is already incorporated as a Delaware C Corp, we will work with you to organize your corporate legal documents and capture their data in your Shoobx account via our onboarding process. We’ll get you set up to take advantage of the full suite of Shoobx features that grow with your company as it scales. Onboarding typically takes 1-2 weeks.

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