Cecilia Hermawan, Go-To-Market Strategist

What were you doing P.S. (Pre-Shoobx)? I’ve been a sort of startup Swiss Army Knife — prior to GTM, I managed and built a data team. Before that I was part of the product team, and I’ve also managed overseas operations. Basically I’ve been the person who gets things done.

Why did you decide to work at Shoobx? I’ve always been drawn to the startup world. I just like being part of the startup ecosystem, and seeing ideas come to life.

What about your work are you most excited about? I like connecting people. I’m excited to talk with founders and VCs, find solutions to their issues, and address their pain points.

What are you into when you’re not Shoobxing? I perform standup comedy! Well, technically it’s been mostly sitting because of the pandemic, but I hope to get to stretch my legs and make people laugh again soon. I also love going on adventures with my six-year-old!

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