Jordan Vance, Lead Software Developer

How long have you been here at Shoobx? Since March 2014, so a little over 7 years now.

Why did you decide to work at Shoobx? I’d worked with Jason Furtado in the past, and I enjoyed working with him. Plus, I thought it was an interesting problem that we were going after. Still do, in fact.

What about your work are you most excited about? We have a really diverse team, so there’s always interesting and surprising input. On the product side, we’re building a very aggressively-scoped system, which presents all sorts of engaging challenges.

What are you into when you’re not Shoobxing? Pre-COVID, I would have said running, but in the past year I’ve been doing a lot of things around the house; I built a hutch for our front entry, some woodworking, I took a stained glass course.
Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I’m excited to get back into running.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? Boxer by Gaslight Anthem. It’s just a fun song, and it rocks the perfect amount for a geriatric millennial.

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