Fareed Babalola, Software Engineer

What will you be doing here at Shoobx? I am currently working on implementing some of the newer features that the product team is looking to add to Shoobx.

Why did you decide to work at Shoobx? My main motivation was really the quality of all of the interviews that I did. I had interviews where at the end I was very exhausted, the way you are when you get to the end of something that was rigorous. The interviewees were specific about the type of talent, and I had a specific discussion with Jason about the product, and on the technical side, with Stephan, Simon, and Rokas. They were interviews where your knowledge is being tested but you are also learning, and that really piqued my interest surrounding the type of working environment at Shoobx. So, I chose Shoobx because I enjoyed the interview process and the specific ideas surrounding the product.

What about your work are you most excited about? Just before I joined Shoobx I worked in consulting, working on MVP products. We were building products direct to clients and you always feel so much pride in your work when you get to see the direct impact of what you’ve built. So the joy of working at shoobx is the idea that I will be helping startups by building something that is useful for the bits that are confusing for people. Shoobx is optimizing that process for those companies and it is making the life of the user much easier and that is the biggest joy for me; getting to work on something that will have a big impact.

What are you into when you’re not Shoobxing? When I’m not working I am really into sports, as I am a huge football (soccer) fan. I’m also a huge gamer and I play a lot of video games. I also like to go to the beach or hang out with friends, but I don’t go to the beach too often, because I don’t want to have too much of a good thing and for it to lose its excitement.

Do you have a bucket list, and if so what is one thing that is on it? One thing on my bucket list would probably be going skydiving. I have a fear of heights and it can be problematic. The first time I went on an airplane, I felt sick the whole time and for the rest of the trip. Around when the pandemic happened, I read an article about confronting your fears. Because of that, I always push myself to go and look down out of the window at tall buildings. I feel like pushing myself to go skydiving since you are literally falling and you can’t fight against gravity.

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