Jason McLarney, Product Management

What will you be doing here at Shoobx? As a Product Manager, I will be working on fine-tuning Shoobx to make it a more delightful experience for our customers. I will be coordinating and working with several areas within Shoobx – sales, marketing, customer success, engineering, the leadership team – to get to the root of our customers’ needs and turn that into reality through new features, improving the existing product, and creating an overall better customer experience.

Why did you decide to work at Shoobx? I decided to work at Shoobx because I have always been very interested in product management, and I believe I have a unique perspective on Shoobx because I have held roles in both M&A transactions and at very early stage startups. So, I’ve seen the need for a solution like Shoobx from both the investor’s and the founder’s point of view, and I think Shoobx approaches this need through a unique lens and differentiated platform from others in the space. Because of that, I think Shoobx is well positioned to capitalize on a market that is ripe for disruption.

What about your work are you most excited about? I am really just excited to continue to grow as a product manager and help Shoobx realize its potential. I like getting my hands dirty and I think there’s a lot I can dig into which can help push the product and company forward, not to mention being surrounded by a similarly passionate, talented, and down-to-Earth group of people.

What are you into when you’re not Shoobxing? Outside of work, I like being active in any way I can whether it’s adding to my trophy collection of championship rec league t-shirts from BSSC, going for hikes or bikes, organizing skiing trips, or spending time at the beach with friends and family. Generally speaking, if it’s by the water, exploring somewhere new, or getting a sweat in, that’s what I want to be doing.

What is your favorite TV show series and why? Game of Thrones might be my favorite. I have seen it a few times now fully through and it’s still my favorite, last season aside, because it is so unique, well thought out, and simply is the most captivating storyline a viewer could ask for.

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