Financing-ready at every turn

Building and growing a business isn’t easy and having an equity management solution that can scale with you is critical. Shoobx and Fidelity Investments are working to provide just that.

We offer flexible solutions to meet your evolving needs so you can grow with confidence.


“This approach will enable an entrepreneur to gain an integrated solution for their company’s entire lifecycle, helping them confidently navigate their equity compensation plan through the complex road from startup to IPO to beyond.”

Jason Furtado
CEO & Founder

Mark Haggerty
Head of Stock Plan Services

We’re working hard to support private companies

Your needs change across the lifecycle of your business. Whether you’re raising your first or fourth financing round, doing dilution planning, or exploring exit scenarios, we have solutions for you.

Solutions for scale*:

Support for private companies from incorporation to exit/IPO

Together, Shoobx and Fidelity’s distinct services provide:

Leadership that helps generate growth

Recognized expertise in cap table, document management, and equity administration

Unrivaled support and experience

Over a decade of combined tenure in supporting private companies

Financing expertise

$1.25B raised by Shoobx clients

Dependability that creates confidence

1500+ VCs and investors rely on Shoobx; Fidelity helps clients with 2X more Certified Equity Professionals than any other provider

Accessible Expertise & Support

We’d love to share more.


*Fidelity Stock Plan Services LLC and Shoobx, Inc are working together to provide distinct administrative services over the lifetime of your company’s IPO journey. Shoobx provides cap table management: Fidelity Stock Plan Services provides equity compensation plan recordkeeping and administrative services.

The Fidelity Investments and pyramid design logo is a registered service mark of FMR LLC.

Stock plan recordkeeping and administrative services are provided by Fidelity Stock Plan Services, LLC. Other services referenced are provided by Shoobx.