Shoobx + Paylocity Bring Shoobx Clients An Integrated Payroll Solution

April 9, 2018 – Shoobx is excited to announce its payroll integration with Paylocity.

As part of Shoobx’s commitment to making HR a modern, integrated part of your company’s management, we’ve partnered with Paylocity to offer our clients a payroll integration. The Shoobx-Paylocity payroll solution delivers bi-directional data syncing between platforms to keep employee details up-to-date in both places. With the Paylocity integration, Shoobx clients have better data visibility and accuracy, enhanced security of vulnerable data, and improved efficiency for payroll administration. If you are hiring your first employee, Paylocity for payroll is an easy choice, and if you already have employees Paylocity will facilitate your transition to their platform.

Payroll is part of Shoobx’s suite of HR features supporting the full employee lifecycle, including employee hiring and onboarding, custom reporting for a range of HR reports, and flexible department configurability for your company. Paylocity payroll starts at $4 per user per month, and for more information you can visit our payroll integration page or reach out to

Paylocity + Shoobx