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Goodwin (, a global 50 law firm, will offer the Shoobx product on its Founders Workbench to support the firm’s startup clients and emerging companies practice.

“Startup clients expect us to leverage modern tools to deliver our services. We are excited to partner with Shoobx to deliver an innovative alternative for Goodwin to engage with our clients,” said Mark Bettencourt, a partner in Goodwin’s Tech and Life Sciences practice.

Through the Shoobx partnership, Goodwin clients will be able to incorporate, grant equity, administrate stock incentive plans, manage their cap table, onboard employees, and more, all with attorney oversight.

Founders Workbench is a resource to help ease the daunting process of forming, financing, operating, hiring, growing, and protecting a business. “Our partnership with Shoobx is the first of its kind for Founders Workbench and the result of an extensive collaboration amongst the Founders Workbench and Shoobx teams. We look forward to partnering with other companies offering ‘best of breed’ products that help startups run their business,” explained Dave Cappillo, a partner in Goodwin’s Tech and Life Sciences practice.


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Goodwin and Shoobx have partnered to offer their clients enhanced legal technology automation.

“DLA Piper shares our vision of delivering tools to more efficiently represent clients on a single platform, saving time and money not just for the company, but for its investors, executives and board members too.”

Jason Furtado
Shoobx CEO & Co-Founder

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DLA Piper and Shoobx collaborate to boost startup clients’ ability to form, fund, and grow.

DLA Piper ( will collaborate with Shoobx to provide early-stage and emerging growth companies with greater flexibility and autonomy.

“We’re excited to forge this relationship with Shoobx,” said Jay Rains, DLA Piper’s global co-CEO and US co-chairman. “This is yet another valuable tool available to our entrepreneur and startup clients, as well as our lawyers, in helping them continue to provide the best possible counsel to early-stage companies who are looking to attract investors.”

DLA Piper offers its emerging growth and venture capital clients an unparalleled global network, with 200 lawyers in the US and 400 around the world who specifically serve entrepreneurs, technology companies, and venture funds by focusing on private equity and venture capital transactions.

“Our startup clients need to run fast—and they expect their lawyers to leverage the latest technologies to deliver top quality and efficient services,” said Randy Socol, co-chair of DLA Piper’s US Emerging Growth & Venture Capital practice.

“Shoobx is more than just an incorporation tool that empowers our clients to generate foundational materials that are both understood and expected by investors,” said Bradley Gersich, co-chair of the firm’s Northern California Corporate & Securities practice. “This platform will also facilitate client and counsel collaboration to generate, electronically execute and securely store other important documents needed over time. And with Shoobx, we can stay connected with client activity in real-time, and management, directors and stockholders can self-service accurate and up-to-date information.”

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