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Jason Grover, Designer at Shoobx, Inc.

These Are The Top Eight Startup Cities Outside of California, New York, and Massachusetts

Everyone knows that the lion’s share of VC money ends up in the Bay Area, Boston, or New York (roughly two thirds in 2016). Those areas are also crowded with entrepreneurs fighting for cash. For some entrepreneurs swimming in the shark tank sounds like a nightmare. But there are tangible benefits of being part of […]

Jason Grover, Designer at Shoobx, Inc.

The Geography of Investment – An Infographic

Silicon Valley is home to what is commonly thought of as the first venture-backed startup, Fairchild Semiconductor. Late 1957, Arthur Rock received 20% equity in the new company, which allowed Fairchild Semiconductor to produce the first commercially available integrated circuit. One might reason that in today’s world of telecommuting and virtual markets, the physical location […]

Jason Grover, Designer at Shoobx, Inc.

How to Look Attractive to Investors: Mating Rituals of the Wild North American Startup

Welcome. In today’s episode, we examine one of the most fascinating species in the world, Disruptivae startupicus, more commonly known as a “startup.” Nowhere is life more brutal and unforgiving than the co-working spaces and networking events that are the common habitat of the startup. If a startup wants to survive to maturity it must […]

Infographic illustrating 33 mistakes startups often make that cause them to fail.
Jason Grover, Designer at Shoobx, Inc.

33 Ways Your Startup Can Die – An Infographic

The obstacles between starting your company and reaching a successful exit may seem overwhelming. That’s because they are overwhelming! There are countless things that cause startups to fail. We’ve chosen to highlight 33 of them, because knowing is half the battle, and 33 was how many our graphic designer illustrated before he fell despondent with […]

Jason Grover, Designer at Shoobx, Inc.

The Dirt on Authorized and Issued Shares – An Infographic

The jungle of financial lingo and legal jargon can disorient even the savviest entrepreneur. One patch that often trips up new business owners is the difference between a company’s authorized shares and its issued shares. Let’s trim this concept down to something easy to understand and look at an industry that is just as growth-obsessed as […]

Jason Grover, Designer at Shoobx, Inc.

Dilution Decoded – An Infographic

The basic concept of dilution for startups is simple: As you grant equity in your company, your ownership percentage will go down. Why does this happen? Imagine you have a pie that is divided into halves—evenly split for two people. In order to give some pie to a third person, one or both of the […]