Board Members

Running a Delaware C Corp is no picnic. We do our best to remove all the friction we can for the board member. The ability to quickly approve company actions is something we can help with.

Sign Anywhere, Anytime

Get the Shoobx app and get instant alerts on your phone when your signature is required. Review documents and sign consents on the go or at the office.

Stay Organized

Looking for documents? Stop it. Log into Shoobx and find all your documents and our insightful reports exactly where you’d expect to find them.

Digital Board Book

Shoobx automatically logs all of the board’s transaction history. Feel free to review it at anytime.
Board Member Screens
"As a fast growing innovative company, we need a solution to simplify and efficiently manage our equity. Shoobx organizes everything and makes all the right information available to all the right people."
- Kaitki Agarwal
co-Founder, Parallel Wireless

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