In a critical medical situation, time is everything. Today, it can take a doctor between 2 to 5 days to diagnose an infection’s resistance to antibiotics. Day Zero Diagnostics is working to stem the tide of this public health crisis, combining genome sequencing, a large proprietary database, and machine learning to diagnose an infection’s antibiotic resistance profile within hours rather than days.

With a cause this important, the founding team at Day Zero Diagnostics needed a technology partner that would add real value and allow them to scale efficiently, without diverting key time or resources from their core mission. Shoobx was a natural fit. To learn more about how Shoobx helped make Day Zero’s mission a reality, download the full case study.

Download Day Zero Diagnostics Case Study

“Using Shoobx demonstrated to investors a level of organization and controls in our process that felt professional and comprehensive.”

Jong LeeJong Lee, CEO & Co-Founder