DLA Piper has partnered with Shoobx to make its StartUp Kit series of Delaware incorporation documents, including its Stock Incentive Plan and grant forms, available for customization, generation, and execution on the Shoobx platform.

DLA Piper attorneys have been actively working with the Shoobx team to make DLA Piper documents available on through the platform. For early stage companies that are looking to attract investors, DLA Piper documents provide the foundational materials that investors understand and expect.


Companies can leverage Shoobx’s workflow-based system to generate, electronically execute, securely store documents and report on activity in a single place, while working seamlessly with their legal counsel. DLA Piper’s attorneys are dedicated to leveraging technology to provide early-stage and emerging growth companies with greater flexibility and autonomy, while continuing to focus on providing strategic advice and assistance to drive value to clients’ businesses.


One of the benefits of this partnership is that any Shoobx client can leverage DLA Piper’s formation documents to get started. And when you engage legal counsel DLA Piper makes it easy for you to find a Shoobx trained attorney to work with.

Ready to Incorporate?

Use Shoobx to incorporate your Delaware C Corporation with DLA Piper’s incorporation documents.

$99 + Delaware incorporation fees

"Our startup clients need to run fast – and they expect their lawyers to leverage the latest technologies to deliver top quality and efficient services."
- Randy Socol
Partner and co-chair, DLA PIper's US Emerging Growth & Venture Capital practice

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