Employees are the critical building blocks of any successful company, and we make their lives as smooth as possible. Employees receive their own Shoobx login so they can access all their hiring, company and insurance documentation in one place.

Awesome Onboarding Experience

As an employee, your first experience with Shoobx will start with the offer letter. Then we take care of the I-9, W-4, EEO survey, company policy acceptance, and any other documentation you have. We make the hiring process easy, straightforward, and fast.

Full Equity Standing

Log into your Shoobx portal at anytime to check on all your stock options and review your equity standing via easy to understand graphics. You can view your vesting schedule, file your 83(b), and even exercise your options through the platform.

Access to Critical Documents

Find all of your insurance information, employee confidentiality agreement, equity award documents, and important company policies in one convenient place. Simply log into your Shoobx account and find everything where you’d expect to find it.

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