Equity Financing with Shoobx

Shoobx is revolutionizing the way that startups fundraise. Going through an equity financing shouldn’t be a multi-week engagement that disrupts your regular business operations, and with Shoobx, it isn’t. Using our equity financing workflow is a seamless process that is easier, faster, and cheaper than traditional methods.

An Integrated Fundraising Process

We incorporate everything that you’ve done on the platform already to make the process seamless, and have built an end-to-end workflow for your equity financing to get you funded faster so that you can focus on growing your business. We leverage:

Data Room

Shoobx’s secure data room offers full transactional data room functionality: share documents with third parties with custom permissioning, generate diligence reports, monitor diligence activity and watermark downloads.


Our modeling tools help you understand the impact of your fundraise and how your future funding plans fit within the offer on the table by letting you explore exit and dilution scenarios.

Legal Collaboration

Shoobx expects your attorney to play an integral role in executing your financing. This event has significant legal impact on your company so Shoobx makes it easy to keep your attorney at the center of the process.


Shoobx’s equity financing workflow captures all the details of the fundraise and generates a full set of NVCA-based financing documents. Built-in document flexibility makes editing easy, whether you need to edit specific sections, run a redline, or download a Word version of drafts.


Manage your closing process on Shoobx with e-signatures, status tracking, and automatic storage of finalized, executed documents in your secure data room. 

Ongoing Management

Next time you’re ready to raise money, your entire fundraising history is already in the platform and your capitalization table is up-to-date. Leverage existing company data to make your future financings seamless and efficient!

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If you’re getting ready to go through an equity financing, fill out the form below to see if you can take advantage of our workflow. There is a nominal fee of $1,000 for using the Shoobx equity financing workflow; for details on Shoobx Onboarding and subscription pricing, visit our Pricing Page.

Learn More About Using Shoobx For Your Equity Financing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?

While the timeline for your equity financing depends upon a number of factors, including due diligence, term sheet negotiation with your investors, and adoption of non-standard terms, using the Shoobx workflow offers significant time savings over the traditional process thanks to built-in automation to handle the complexity around investor management and closing as well as our use of standardized Series Seed or NVCA model documents.

Is Shoobx right for my fundraise?

We’ve built out all the flexibility from the original model Series Seed or NVCA documents, and strive to make sure that we can handle as much complexity as possible with our equity financing workflow. Reach out to speak with our team to see if it’s the right fit for your fundraise.

What documents does the equity financing workflow generate?

Shoobx’s equity financing workflow generates the model Series Seed or NVCA financing documents. These include your Voting Agreement, Term Sheet, Stock Purchase Agreement, Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement, Investor Rights Agreement, Indemnification Agreement, Amended Charter/Certificate of Incorporation, Stock Certificates, and Disclosure Schedule. Our platform will also update your cap table to reflect the fundraise.

Does my lawyer need to be involved to use the equity financing workflow?

Yes. An equity financing is a complex exercise and we while we strive to make it easy, you need a lawyer to advise you on strategic decisions. In most instances we recommend that your attorney run the equity financing workflow on your behalf. There is flexibility in the documents and we’ve made it easy for attorneys to collaborate with clients on Shoobx.

Does my company need to be on Shoobx?

Yes. This also means you get access to all of the tools available to our Shoobx users. Check out our pricing.

How do I get started?

Click the “Get Started” button on this page, fill out the form, and we’ll reach out to you with next steps! A representative from our Customer Success team will then reach out to you about getting started with Shoobx and leveraging our equity financing workflow.