Equity Financing

Drive Your Equity Financing with Confidence—from Term Sheet to Closing

The fundraising status quo is outdated. It takes too long, is opaque, and involves humans manually completing a bunch of tasks that could be done in an instant by computers.

Shoobx has modernized the entire process. We use efficient, attorney-approved technology to automate the standard parts of the deal, making it less menial for attorneys, easier to understand for founders, and more efficient for everyone involved. Closing an equity round is a big milestone, and founders should be able to have an active role in the financial future of their own companies, without already being experts. Shoobx helps you manage your equity financing from term sheet to closing, all while giving you full transparency into the details of the deal.

How Shoobx Helps at Every Stage of Fundraising

An equity financing involves a lot of moving pieces, and it’s important that everything stays streamlined and on track. That’s why we’ve designed Shoobx to be your go-to operating system for every step of the process, from pre-deal diligence to post-closing paperwork.

Due Diligence

  • Our cap table report supports legal equity diligence by linking to relevant documents, so investor counsel can ensure all documentation is complete and clear and that the cap table is backed by legal approvals
  • Data room permissioning allows sharing with investment firms while diligence mode tracks activity and offers index export for note taking
  • Any clean-up work is captured in electronic format so that future diligence activities are easier

Term Sheet & Pro-Forma

  • Leverage the cap structure and ownership information already captured in Shoobx to model your next round and generate term sheet, and create financing documents
  • Support for complex rounds including anti-dilution, pro rata calculations, and note/safe conversions
  • Export to excel for offline analysis

Drafting & Negotiations

  • Generate a full set of NVCA or Series Seed documents based on company structure and pro forma
  • Flexibility to change over 1,000 structured decisions throughout more than 500 pages of financing documents
  • Make targeted unstructured edits that are tracked centrally
  • Transparency into the status of the deal

Execution & Closing

  • Collect board and stockholder approval using e-signatures
  • Closing tracking checklist allows transparency into who has performed each action
  • Documents are automatically stored and permissioned and your cap table is automatically updated, so every stakeholder gets immediate access to everything they need
  • Automatically create stock certificates

Are you ready to do your equity financing the modern way? If you’re a Delaware C Corp using model NVCA or Series Seed documents, Shoobx can help make your equity financing painless and cost-effective.

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