Equity Management

Shoobx is a complete equity management solution. Our automated workflows make it easy to grant equity, generate electronic stock certificates, handle multiple classes of stocks, get 409A valuations, and more. Every action you take is reflected in a dynamic stock ledger, and a capitalization table that always stays up-to-date.

Expect more from your equity management solution.

We understand that equity management is integrated into the rest of your business. You can grant any type of equity on Shoobx (RSAs, ISOs, NQOs), and our intuitive workflows manage the entire process from start to finish. Shoobx will keep track of promised equity from documents like offer letters and consulting agreements. We also take care of automated time-based vesting, stock splits, warrants, and other investment types. Every time there is an equity event, your capitalization table automatically updates, and dynamically links directly to all supporting documents so that you have a single source of truth. So, when you’re ready to raise your next round, diligence prep is fast and easy.

Reliable 409A Valuations

Shoobx brings you integrated 409A valuations to establish Fair Market Value for stock option grants. Collecting all the required documentation can be a time-consuming activity. With Shoobx, that process is streamlined, and you get fast, accurate, and competitively-priced 409A from our industry-vetted partners.

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Shoobx data room

Simple & Risk-free Equity Management

If it’s involved in equity management, there’s a corresponding Shoobx workflow. We handle:

Equity Grants

  • Stock Incentive Plan, including amendments
  • Option grants and exercises
  • Automated vesting schedules
  • Early exercise of options
  • Electronic stock certificates, including tracking and managing legends
  • Note and SAFE conversion
  • Warrant management
  • Preferred stock, including tracked liquidation preferences
  • Stock transfer generation
  • Stock repurchase (including termination support for repurchases)
  • Post-termination exercise window management

Reporting and Modeling

  • Capitalization table
  • Stock ledger
  • Exit waterfall modeling
  • Next round planner with pro forma export
  • Historical capitalization tables
  • Summary cap table for investors
  • Transaction reports: grant history report, transfer report, option overhang report, and 83(b) report
  • Customizable permissioning for access to equity data

Process Management

Employee Self-Service

  • Employee portal to review equity grants and documentation
  • Track grant vesting
  • Exercise option grants
  • Exercise cost calculation
  • 83(b) elections


  • Form 3921 management
  • ASC 718 reports
  • 83(b) election reminders and document generation
  • Automatic constraint checks: Rule 701 compliance, IRS limits on ownership, and available shares

“I would absolutely recommend that a post-seed company looking to do equity management consider Shoobx.”

– Allison Moss, TypeA: Brands

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