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Startup Stories: Then and Now featuring Burrow

December 14, 2021 | 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

Join our live discussion with Co-Founder & CEO Stephen Kuhl about how Burrow began, has evolved, and where they are today. 

About this event

Hear about how Burrow began, how the company has evolved over time, what challenges they faced, and where they are today.

About Burrow

Striving to enter the industry in an innovative way, Burrow has made a meaningful difference with its convenient, affordable, and high-quality furniture. Their direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform is bringing people furniture that will stay and grow with them wherever they go. 

What you will learn about Burrow:

  1. How the company started.
  2. How the company has evolved over time.
  3. Some of the challenges they overcame.
  4. Advice for startups .

And more!

Featured Guest:

Stephen Kuhl – Co-Founder & CEO at Burrow


Bryce DelGrande – Head of Sales and Business Development at Shoobx