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Swimming Through Paper Oceans
Shoobx is the one place where all your key players can come together to contribute their piece of the corporate puzzle. We shouldn’t need eight different technology solutions to accurately manage our legal complexity. And now, with Shoobx, we don’t.
Shoobx for Lawyers
Early stage companies need legal advice. Unfortunately, legal help can be relatively expensive. So how do we make legal advice accessible for the Entrepreneur and viable for the law firm? We provide lawyers and their law firms a single platform where they can manage all of their early stage companies in one place. Shoobx automates all of the low level legal work while enabling lawyers to stay in the loop with many clients so they can provide high value advice when needed.
Client's Story
Here’s how the team at Toast describe their experience with Shoobx, and the role it has played in company’s growth—from its humble start in a co-founder’s basement, right up to and including their $30 million Series B financing led by Bessemer Ventures and GV (formerly Google Ventures).
"This is not a small problem."
Take a look around our office and meet some of our Shoobx team members. We’re trying to tackle a massive problem and we’re pretty excited about it.

Sample Workflows

Launch A Delaware C Corp
You want to start a Delaware C Corp? You’re in the right place. Shoobx guides you through your incorporation documentation and files everything directly with Delaware. Shoobx can even help you with your post incorporation activities: Setting up your board structure, selecting your company officers, organizing equity, getting your EIN number… The one thing we can’t do is give you legal advice. Instead, we let you seamlessly interact with your lawyer via Shoobx.
Adding Employees with Shoobx
With Shoobx, you can digitally generate, sign, and store I-9s, W-4s, offer letters and employee forms. We can even handle employee surveys and company policies. Your employees will receive their own Shoobx login so they can access all their hiring, company and insurance benefits.
Equity Management with Shoobx
Shoobx can deal with e-certificates, multiple classes of stock, 83(b)s, automated time-based vesting, stock splits, warrants, and other investment types. Employees can even exercise their options directly through Shoobx.

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