A word of advice? You shouldn’t settle for just a cap table. You need to look for something beyond a spreadsheet on the internet. Of course you need all of the basics, like granting shares, tracking 83bs, and prompting you to fulfill equity promises, and it’s more than generating ASC 718s and 3921 filings to stay compliant. Because when it comes time for your company’s acquisition or IPO, an accurate cap table and collection of stock certificates won’t cut it.

What truly differentiates Shoobx is our unique approach to corporate governance: we track every transaction your company takes and automatically populate your data room with the right documents, in the right folder, available to be shared with the right people: making you ready for diligence the moment the term sheet is signed. We use all of the information underlying your cap table and instantly channel it into our modeling capabilities, so that you don’t have to lift a finger. You need a system built to handle the complexities of your company’s growth, yet simple enough for everyone to use it.