Goodwin Procter LLP has partnered with Shoobx to make its Founders Workbench Delaware incorporation documents available for customization, generation, and execution on the Shoobx platform.

Ready to Incorporate?

You can leverage Goodwin incorporation documents and start your company formation right now!

$99 + Delaware incorporation fees

Goodwin’s Founders Workbench is the online resource for building a company and all the same guidance and IP that was available via Founders Workbench has been built into the Shoobx/Goodwin formation process.


Thanks to extensive collaboration amongst the Founders Workbench and Shoobx teams, Goodwin clients can now work with their lawyer via the Shoobx platform. Goodwin is committed to using “best of breed” products that help startups run their business.


Through the Shoobx partnership, Goodwin clients and other startups will be able to incorporate, grant equity, administrate stock incentive plans, manage their cap table, onboard employees and more, all with attorney oversight.

"Startup clients expect us to leverage modern tools to deliver our services. We are excited to partner with Shoobx to deliver an innovative alternative for Goodwin to engage with our clients."
- Mark Bettencourt
Partner, Goodwin's Technology & Life Sciences Group