Smarter Venture Investing

Go from executing your investments to managing your portfolio seamlessly.  Every equity financing on Shoobx can be closed faster and at lower cost,  and you’ll have instant access to the data and documents you need. Shoobx connects everything from term sheet to monitoring to make it all easier for you.

From Term Sheet to Closing—Automatically

During a financing, save yourself time by having the Shoobx platform automatically draft standard NVCA or Series Seed financing documents based on your term sheet. Leveraging software to run an equity financing means you can reduce the risk of errors,  sign everything electronically, and get insight into your deal status at any time.  After closing, there’s no waiting for your documents and stock certificates—and no need to manually re-enter the data from the financing and information rights requests if you also use Shoobx for portfolio management. Learn more about Equity Financing on Shoobx or set up a time to talk to us.

Keep Track of Your Private Company Investments

Shoobx is a comprehensive portfolio management solution. 

Manage your entire portfolio in one place

You can get all the information you need about your private investments, with a single, easy-to-use dashboard. This data can be shared with a fund administrator or an auditor, and can even be used as the basis for a full audit. If there’s pertinent information about your portfolio, it’s on Shoobx. Even if those companies aren’t yet on the platform, you can interact with company data, including:

      • Portfolio view with holdings details

      • Ownership summary and total investment

      • Storage for all important documents

Analytics and Exit Scenario Modeling

Shoobx doesn’t just give you access to in-depth information about your current holdings; we give you the tools you need to plan ahead. Our analytics capabilities include:

      • Modeling and tracking multiple exit scenarios 

      • Visualizing additional investment and outcomes

      • Internal Rate of Return and Cash-on-cash calculations

Individual Company Dashboards

Shoobx keeps your companies on track. Click on any company in your portfolio and get detailed information, including:

      • Data room with documentation

      • Valuation history and financials

      • Company timeline

      • Any notes you’ve added

Why should your portfolio companies join Shoobx?

For portfolio companies that are on Shoobx, you will automatically get updates on your holdings and equity structure. Your companies will gain access to a legal operating system that handles their HR, equity, fundraising, and governance needs, from incorporation to exit. Plus, being on Shoobx makes the next round of fundraising easier for both sides: key documents are immediately accessible, transactions are automatically tracked, and all stakeholders have access to a cap table that updates in real time. 

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"I trust my entire portfolio of companies with Shoobx. They are the only platform that can handle real life complexity this efficiently."
Steve Papa
Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor