Shoobx Onboarding

Shoobx Onboarding helps you get to know Shoobx and plan how you’ll use it to help run your business. Our Customer Success team will introduce you to the features and functionality of your Shoobx account, and provide guidance on those areas of the platform you plan to use most. We’ll also make sure you’re familiar with all our support resources to ensure your Shoobx experience gets off to a productive start!

What does this program look like?

During Shoobx Onboarding, you’ll be matched with a member of our Customer Success team, who will serve as your guide to all things Shoobx. We’ll kick off the program with a call to get to know you, your team, and your company. From there, we’ll dive into educational content to help you make the best use of the Shoobx platform.

What will I learn?

Shoobx Onboarding for companies can include, but is not limited to, any of the following activities:

  • A dedicated Customer Success team member to guide you through Shoobx Onboarding during your first 90 days on the platform. You’ll receive: 
    • An introduction to your account and the workflows that will be most useful to you in your first 6 months on Shoobx.
    • Education on registering your legal counsel in Shoobx and how to get the most out of this relationship.
    • Educational content tailored to your company’s needs, focused on things like equity management, board and stockholder relations, and/or HR activities.
  • You and your team will also be introduced to our family of support resources
  • For companies in the Acceleration and Growth tiers, Onboarding will also include one-on-one meetings with your team members to familiarize them with the areas of Shoobx that will be most relevant to their work.
Do I need to prepare anything?

Before you start Shoobx Onboarding, you should think about your company’s goals for the next six months. These can be tasks like granting equity, hiring new employees, or raising money. Our Customer Success team will tailor your Shoobx Onboarding program to ensure you know how to get those things done.

How do I get started?

As soon as you finish the account setup process, you’ll be asked to pay for Shoobx Onboarding, and you’ll be introduced to a member of our Customer Success team. We’ll get started right away!

Key Details:

For companies in the Traction Tier, Shoobx Onboarding costs $499.

For companies in the Acceleration Tier, Shoobx Onboarding costs $999.

For companies in the Growth Tier, Shoobx Onboarding costs $1,999.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at If you’re ready to get started with Shoobx, click below!