Shoobx Onboarding

Ready to get your company’s documents organized? Planning to raise money and want to make sure you’re investor-ready? Great! Shoobx will work with you to organize your corporate legal documents and capture the data within them in your Shoobx account, so they’re easy to find and reviewable by attorneys and investors.

Complete Your Shoobx Account

We’ll work with you to collect important information and documents and upload those materials to your account. Your account will have your complete corporate history all in one place, and you’ll have a system in place for keeping things organized going forward.
409A report

Shoobx Readiness Report

After reviewing all of your equity, financing, and governance documents we’ll prepare a report that outlines what is missing and how you can address outstanding items.

Shoobx Onboarding Starts at $249

Find the solution that’s best for you! If you need any help please don’t hesitate to reach out. We love talking to entrepreneurs about their companies.



Common Stock Only

Up to 5 Shareholders



Common Stock  + 1 Class

Up to 25 Shareholders



Common Stock + 2 Classes

Up to 50 Shareholders



Common Stock + 3 Classes

Up to 100 Shareholders



Four or more stock classes

Up to 150 Shareholders

How does it work?

Kick-off Call

We’ll have a call to talk about how the Shoobx Onboarding process works.

Information Gathering

You’ll gather the information and documents required to complete the checklist we send you.

Document Upload

Once we’ve confirmed we have everything we need, we will start uploading your documents.

Account Tour

We’ll arrange a call to walk you through your account and show you the Data Room and capitalization table.

Start off on the right foot. Make sure your capitalization table is accurate and your data room is complete. Cleaning up mistakes later down the road only get more expensive.
With your Shoobx Onboarding Report, you’ll know what to do in order to prepare for your due diligence. A complete capitalization table along with integrated supporting documentation will make the process much faster.
While you’re in the middle of negotiations the last thing you want to waste your spend on is the fine print and missing documents. Get your equity in order and close faster.

Additional White Glove Uploads on Shoobx

Sometimes you’ll need to upload a new Stock Incentive Plan or Equity Financing documentation after you’re already on Shoobx. Our Customer Success team is here to help, and will make sure that your corporate legal documentation is accurately uploaded and integrated into your Shoobx account. Contact to learn more.

Stock Incentive Plan Upload

Did your company adopt a new Stock Incentive Plan since you got started with Shoobx Onboarding? Or are you ready to add a Stock Incentive Plan for the first time as you prepare to grow your team? We will set you up for success and ensure that the Stock Incentive Plan details are accurate and operational in the Shoobx platform so that you can start confidently granting equity to your employees.

Starting at $199

Equity Financing Upload

Did you go through a seed round or Series A financing since you joined Shoobx? Congratulations! Our Customer Success team will help you incorporate the details and integrate all the key documentation into your Shoobx account to keep you up-to-date and ready for future financings and exit opportunities.

Starting at $499

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?

This process depends greatly upon your responsiveness. Most of the time in this process spent is waiting for requested documents. With a very responsive client we can complete this process in 1-2 weeks.

How do I get started?

Fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll reach out to you with next steps! Don’t worry, nothing will be charged to your credit card. We’ll have a very clear conversation around pricing with you.

What documents do we need?

This includes, but not limited to, Incorporation Documents, Founder Grants, Founders Agreement, Stock Plan Grants, Option Grants, Option Exercises, Stock Certificates, Financing documents, etc.

Can Shoobx clean up my history and fix my documents?

Shoobx will help you identify any missing documents during this process and correctly integrate the documents you do have. We do not create documents or take a legal position on the quality of your documents. After you receive your Shoobx Readiness Report you’ll be able to work with your attorney to address any outstanding items.

Does my company need to be on Shoobx?

Yes. This also means you get access to all of the tools available to our Shoobx users. Check out our pricing.

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