Shoobx scales with you. Pricing for Shoobx’s subscription services are determined by the size of your company – the number of workers, the number of securityholders, and how many classes of shares you have. Growing beyond the max threshold in any of these categories will push you into the next tier.
Up to 5 WorkersUp to 10 WorkersUp to 20 WorkersUp to 35 WorkersUp to 50 WorkersUnlimited Workers
Up to 15 SecurityholdersUp to 30 SecurityholdersUp to 60 SecurityholdersUp to 105 SecurityholdersUp to 150 SecurityholdersUnlimited Securityholders
$15/Month billed annually$90/Month billed annually$180/Month billed annually$360/Month billed annually$720/Month billed annuallyPlease call us for pricing information
$499 One-time Onboarding Fee$999 One-time Onboarding Fee$1,999 One-time Onboarding Fee
Up to 5 Workers
Up to 15 Securityholders
$15/Month billed annually
Up to 10 Workers
Up to 30 Securityholders
$90/Month billed annually
Up to 20 Workers
Up to 60 Securityholders
$180/Month billed annually
Up to 35 Workers
Up to 105 Securityholders
$360/Month billed annually
Up to 50 Workers
Up to 150 Securityholders
$720/Month billed annually
Unlimited Workers
Unlimited Securityholders
Please call us for pricing information

Ready to get on Shoobx?

What Do I Get With a Shoobx Subscription?

Shoobx does a lot, and new features are being added every day. Shoobx subscription plans give you access to all of Shoobx’s core modules including Equity Management, Governance, Human Resources, Fundraising, and a secure Data Room. Below are a few examples of what you get with your subscription.

  • Plan for your fundraise with our next round and exit scenario planners
  • Conduct investor due diligence on the platform
  • Execute SAFEs and convertible debt fundraises

Automate equity financings for a nominal fee

Equity Management
  • Set up a Stock Incentive Plan, grant options, process exercises, and create electronic stock certificates
  • Manage equity with an automatically updated cap table with all supporting documents linked
  • Stay compliant with ASC 718 reports and Rule 701 checks
Board & Stockholder Relations
  • Generate, track, and execute all Board and Stockholder approvals
  • Record Meeting Minutes
  • Gather signatures electronically
  • Stay compliant with 228 notices (stockholder communications)
Human Resources
  • Hire and onboard employees with all required documentation and new hire task tracking
  • Access employee lifecycle reports: organizational chart, employee reports, job change documentation
  • Handle employee separations and equity repurchase
  • Leverage payroll integration
Data Room
  • Securely store and organize all company documents generated by our workflows in your Shoobx Data Room
  • Organize, manage, and execute all your documents, including uploads, in your own folder structure
  • Manage permissioning and track access with audit logs
Legal Collaboration
  • Focus on building an efficient, high-value partnership with your attorney using the integrated legal interaction checkpoints built into Shoobx
  • Work with your attorney to determine level of engagement and access for every workflow in Shoobx
  • Grant access to counsel to allow them to monitor activity in platform

Transactional Services

Shoobx also offers some transactional services that our clients can take advantage of for a competitive service fee. Examples of these services include 409A valuations, Delaware filings, and premium Customer Support packages.


Incorporate your Delaware C Corp through our platform. Price includes 1 year Registered Agent and 1-year subscription fees for the Shoobx platform.


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Delaware Annual Report Filings

Assistance calculating your Delaware franchise tax liability and filing your annual report.


409A Valuations

409A reports to establish the fair market value of your company.

Starting at $1,229

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Equity Financings*

End-to-end execution of complex financings.


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*currently in Beta

Stock Incentive Plan Uploads

If your company adopted a Stock Incentive Plan outside of the Shoobx platform, our team will work with you to upload the key details and documentation.

Starting at $199

Paper Stock Certificates

Paper Stock Certificates are available for an additional fee.

$199 per certificate

Shoobx Concierge

Shoobx Concierge is our premium support service. It includes activities such as initiation of workflows on your behalf, setting preferences for your company, and upload of key details and documentation of company actions completed outside of Shoobx, including equity financings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my pricing tier?

You are automatically classified in a tier based on the size and stage of your company; you cannot choose a pricing tier.

Are there any differences in terms of features and support between the different pricing tiers?

Shoobx pricing tiers are not features based—they align with the size and stage of your company. Whatever pricing tier your company falls into, you will have access to all the features and functionality of Shoobx.

All Shoobx customers have access to Customer Support via email, but only companies that fall into the Traction tier or higher receive talk and chat support.

What kinds of companies can use Shoobx?

Shoobx is a platform for Delaware C Corporations. Companies can incorporate as a Delaware C Corp directly through Shoobx, or can create a Shoobx account for their existing company.

When does my pricing tier change?

For customers paying annually, if the makeup of your company changes such that you meet the criteria for a higher pricing tier by the time of your next annual billing cycle, you will move into the next tier at the time of your annual subscription renewal.

For customers paying monthly, if the makeup of your company changes such that you meet the criteria for a higher pricing tier between monthly billing dates, you will move into the next tier at the time of your monthly billing cycle.

What does it cost to get onto Shoobx?

Companies in the Traction tier and higher are subject to a one-time Onboarding fee. Companies that incorporate on Shoobx are subject to an incorporation fee. Learn more about Onboarding pricing and Incorporating on Shoobx.

What if I'm using another equity management solution but am interested in getting on Shoobx?

If you’re already using Carta or another equity management solution but would like to take advantage of everything else that Shoobx has to offer, we would love to work with you! Please reach out to to learn more about how Shoobx can be used in conjunction with external equity management software.