Gain more confidence in and control over your company’s equity data as you grow

Subscription Plans

Our platform scales with you — get the equity management tools you need for your company every step of the way all the way to IPO and beyond. Pricing for our subscription services is determined by the number of securityholders in your company or amount raised. Unlike other platforms, we include access to all necessary tools in every plan to make sure you have everything you need to scale.


Up to 15 Securityholders or $1M Raised


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Up to 150 Securityholders

+ $6 monthly/securityholder over 15

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Enterprise to IPO

Unlimited Securityholders

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All plans include:

  • Cap table
  • Automated data room & diligence management
  • Equity management ***
  • Equity financing
  • Exit scenario/waterfall planning
  • Next round/dilution planning
  • Corporate governance & shareholder management
  • Human resources
  • ASC 718 reporting
  • Rule 701 reporting
  • Form 3921 generation
  • 409A Valuation report**
  • Dedicated customer success manager and multichannel support for all stakeholders

*Prices shown are based on annual billing. Month-to-month billing rates are 20% higher and do not include a 409A valuation.

**409A Valuation included in Professional + Enterprise plans.

*** Paper stock certificates can be issued upon request for $199 fee per certificate.

Ready for your all-in-one equity management platform?


A platform designed around how you really work

Workflows that reflect real situations and guide you through complicated processes

Guardrails that make sure corporate actions are approved and signed to ensure high corporate governance standards

30+ document templates reviewed by lawyers and based on industry standards

All your documents in a secure data room that is automatically updated and always up-to-date, making your next fundraise more efficient and less costly

The most customizable permissioning and access-granting, giving you control over your secured data and making it easy to share

The only platform with guided, fully automated financings in days rather than months with NVCA standard document templates

Incorporation Services

Launching a new company? We offer an incorporation package for new Delaware C Corporations that includes all filing fees, one year of Registered Agent service, and your first year of subscription fees. It costs only $400 to get up and running.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my pricing determined?2021-04-16T12:48:43+00:00

Shoobx pricing is based on the number of securityholders in your company. Securityholders are any individuals or entities that own an interest in your company through debt, stock, or options. To help companies that are just getting started and gaining traction, Shoobx offers an affordable flat rate for companies that have 15 or fewer securityholders. Once your company has over 15 securityholders, your annual subscription fee is comprised of a base rate and a fee calculated by the number of securityholders in your company.

Your subscription fee will be assessed at the time of your onboarding and at each renewal. Your subscription fee will not change during  that subscription period regardless of how much your company grows.  Your subscription fee will be billed annually, unless monthly is requested through our client service team. A 409A report is not included in subscription fee for clients who choose a monthly subscription period.

What types of companies can use our platform?2023-04-21T14:45:25+00:00

Our platform is built for Delaware C Corporations. Companies can incorporate as a Delaware C Corp directly through the platform or can create an account for their existing company.

What if I’m using another equity management solution?2022-03-18T19:25:06+00:00

If you’re already using Carta or another equity management solution, but want a solution that does more, we make it easy to transition. Please reach out to learn more about how easy switching can be. (Shoobx can even be used in conjunction with an external equity management software while you transition.)

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