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Getting started with Shoobx begins with one easy question: have you incorporated yet?

Shoobx Incorporation

Need to incorporate your Delaware C Corporation? You’re at the right place, file with Shoobx today!

Starting at $400

Shoobx Onboarding

Already incorporated? Get all of your equity and corporate documents live on Shoobx.

Starting at $249

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Find Your Subscription Tier

Pricing for Shoobx’s subscription services are determined by the size of your company – the number of workers, the number of shareholders, and how many classes of shares you have. Growing beyond the max threshold in any of these categories will push you into the next tier.
  • FREE

    $ 0Yr

    Shoobx is free for small companies!

    • Common Stock
    • Up to 10 Shareholders
    • Up to 5 Workers


    $ 900Yr

    Let’s build something awesome.

    • Common Stock + 1
    • Up to 25 Shareholders
    • Up to 10 Workers


    $ 1,800Yr

    You’re a real company. We have real technology.

    • Common Stock + 2
    • Up to 50 Shareholders
    • Up to 20 Workers

  • Acceleration

    $ 3,600Yr

    We can grow with you. No problem.

    • Common Stock + 3
    • Up to 100 Shareholders
    • Up to 35 Workers

  • Growth

    $ 7,200Yr

    You’re taking over the world. We can help.

    • Unlimited Classes
    • Up to 150 Shareholders
    • Up to 50 Workers

  • Custom

    $ ----Yr

    Already have an empire? Let’s chat.

    • Unlimited Classes
    • Unlimited Shareholders
    • Unlimited Workers

*Sign up annually and receive a 25% discount!

What Do I Get With a Shoobx Subscription?

Shoobx does a lot – and new features are being added every day. Shoobx subscription plans give you access to all of Shoobx’s core modules including Equity Management, Governance, Human Resources, and Data Room. Below are a few examples of what you get with your subscription.
Document and Relations Management

  • Data Room with built-in administration and Shoobx workflow integration
  • Digital Signatures
  • Access Controls & Tracking
  • Counsel Collaboration
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

Equity Tools

  • Stock Incentive Plan
  • Option Grants & Exercises
  • Automated Vesting Schedules
  • Capitalization Tables
  • Electronic Stock Certificates


  • Tracking and automated generation of board consents and stockholder consents
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Changes to your Board
  • Changes to your Officers

Government Filings

  • ASC 718 Report
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Form 3921, Exercise of an Incentive Stock Option

Human Resources

  • Employee Offers
  • Employee Onboarding Tasks
  • Consultant & Advisory Agreements
  • Forms I-9 and W-4
  • Company Organizational Chart
  • Employee Directory

Talk and Chat Support

  • Clients in paid subscription tiers receive talk and chat support from the Shoobx Customer Success team. Clients in all tiers have access to email support.

Transactional Services

409A reports starting at $1,229

Learn more!

Starting at $1,000

End to end execution of complex financings

*currently in Beta

Starting at $29 + Delaware Fees
Stock Incentive Plan Uploads starting at $199

Equity Financing Uploads starting at $499

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Paper Stock Certificates are $199 per certificate. Electronic Stock Certificates are free.
White glove workflow support starting at $200/hour

Shoobx also offers some transactional services that our clients can take advantage of for a competitive service fee. Examples of these services include 409A valuations, Delaware filings, and premium Customer Support packages.

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