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Shoobx scales with you. With Shoobx you get the equity management tools you need for your company every step of the way. Pricing for Shoobx’s subscription services – including an independent 409A valuation – and best-in-class customer support.

* Prices shown are based on annual billing. Month-to-month billing rates are 20% higher and do not include a 409A valuation.

Additional Subscription Options

Transactional Services

Shoobx also offers transactional services, such as Delaware filings and premium customer support packages, that our clients can take advantage of for a competitive service fee.

Reach out to our client service team for more information about Shoobx pricing or to get a quote for any of our offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my pricing determined?2021-04-16T12:48:43+00:00

Shoobx pricing is based on the number of securityholders in your company. Securityholders are any individuals or entities that own an interest in your company through debt, stock, or options. To help companies that are just getting started and gaining traction, Shoobx offers an affordable flat rate for companies that have 15 or fewer securityholders. Once your company has over 15 securityholders, your annual subscription fee is comprised of a base rate and a fee calculated by the number of securityholders in your company.

Your subscription fee will be assessed at the time of your onboarding and at each renewal. Your subscription fee will not change during  that subscription period regardless of how much your company grows.  Your subscription fee will be billed annually, unless monthly is requested through our client service team. A 409A report is not included in subscription fee for clients who choose a monthly subscription period.

What kinds of companies can use Shoobx?2020-08-21T17:03:03+00:00

Shoobx is a platform for Delaware C Corporations. Companies can incorporate as a Delaware C Corp directly through Shoobx, or can create a Shoobx account for their existing company.

What if I’m using another equity management solution?2020-08-21T17:10:41+00:00

If you’re already using Carta or another equity management solution but want a solution that does more, we would love to work with you! Please reach out to to learn more about how easy switching can be. (Shoobx can even be used in conjunction with an external equity management software while you transition.)

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