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ASC 718 provides the accounting to recognize equity grants as compensation expenses of the company. This is a critical part of boosting investor confidence, mitigating risk, and ensuring full compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Shoobx organizes everything you need to create ASC 718 reports, including grant types, vesting schedules and Stock Incentive Plan details.

Want some more information on everything ASC 718, including a full glossary of all the terms you’ll need to know? Explore our white paper on the subject.

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“In my role as CFO, having confidence in my cap table is critical. Shoobx gives me that confidence.”

– Kelley Hicks, CFO, Burrow

Let us help you with stock-based compensation reporting

Reduce Risk

As you issue equity, your cap table gets updated automatically. This ensures that nothing slips between the cracks.

Save Time

Because your stock-based compensation expenses are calculated automatically, you can spend that time doing tasks that help grow your business.

Stay Financing-Ready

Investors require standards-compliant accounting reports on a regular basis, usually annually. With Shoobx, you’re always ready.

We help lots of private companies stay GAAP-compliant

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“What sets Shoobx apart is the fact that my cap table, data room, and stock ledger are automatically updated when I grant shares. With absolutely no effort from me!”

– Mathieu Nouzareth, Co-founder & CEO, FreshPlanet

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