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Running your company the right way calls for clearly defined central approval processes for company actions. And if you don’t have documentation of board or stockholder approval, it didn’t happen. With Fidelity, you can take care of both of these things. Our platform gives you a single place for central company management and removes friction for your board members and stockholders so that you can quickly get company actions approved as you continue to grow your business.

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Generate Board and Stockholder Consents

Board and stockholder approvals are automatically integrated into every relevant workflow in the platform. You can also generate your own custom resolutions and associated whereas clauses for inclusion in approval documents. Need to take care of board meeting minutes? You can prepare and execute them right in the platform.

Whenever you need stockholder approval for a company action, we will identify the number of stockholders required to meet the approval percentage threshold and send the request for approval to that group. our platform also manages the reporting obligation for stockholder approvals to all of your stockholders.

Seamless Approval Process

Request and track signatures directly through the platform. When a board consent is created, the appropriate parties are automatically notified to sign the generated consent. See who has already approved a consent and which parties still need to sign. Board members can review documents and sign consents on their phones or at the office with e-signature.

Data Room

With Fidelity, your company history is safe, secure, and beautifully organized. Finalized documents are automatically stored in your data room, and our platform records all references and data in a way that makes it easy to leverage for future company actions. Documents generated via workflows will also be automatically linked to the associated agreements and approvals in your data room, and you have complete control over access rights and permissions for all of your users.

Digital Board Book

Get electronic access to all of your company’s historical actions with our digital board book, where historical board consents and meeting minutes are stored in chronological order. Your board members can log in at any time and find all past approvals.

When there are changes to your board or officers, you can generate the required documentation for a seamless transition.

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