Cap Table Management

Ditch the messy spreadsheet and automate your cap table.

With Shoobx, your cap table is automatic. Every time there is an equity event, your capitalization table updates, and dynamically links directly to all supporting documents so that you have a single source of truth. This smart linking is a feature of the Shoobx data room. When you grant equity, the award agreement will be tied to the corresponding board consent, subsequent exercise actions, stock certificates, and other future related documentation.

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“In my role as CFO, having confidence in my cap table is critical. Shoobx gives me that confidence.”

– Kelley Hicks, CFO, Burrow

Lots of private companies manage their cap tables on Shoobx

Better Cap Table Management for All

We provide a proven path to get you next round ready.

A Single, Reliable Source of Truth

  • Secure and organized data room
  • Accurate, real-time data
  • Transaction reports: grant history report, transfer report, option overhang report
  • 83(b) reports
  • Customizable permissioning for access to equity data
  • EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield
  • Certified GDPR compliant

One Place for All Stakeholders

  • Employee portal to review equity grants and documentation
  • Exercise cost calculation
  • Grant approvals (including board consents and meeting minutes) and lineage tracking
  • Legal review of equity grants
  • Lawyer access to cap table and grant documents
  • Diligence support for auditors and investors

Next-Round Ready

  • Capitalization table
  • Stock ledger
  • Exit waterfall modeling
  • Next round planner with pro forma export
  • Historical capitalization tables
  • Summary cap table for investors

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“What sets Shoobx apart is the fact that my cap table, data room, and stock ledger are automatically updated when I grant shares. With absolutely no effort from me!”

– Mathieu Nouzareth, Co-founder & CEO, FreshPlanet

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