Case Studies

Curious about how Shoobx can work for you? Read more about companies that have used and benefited from Shoobx.

Automated Equity Financing

Hear how this Construction Tech Startup fully automated their $9.4M Series A with Shoobx

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Healthtech Innovator

See how this healthcare and technology innovator leverages Shoobx for equity management and so much more.

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Efficient Growth and Diligence

Hear how this furniture company switched to Shoobx to navigate a growing cap table, raise funds, and make ongoing diligence prep efficient and easy.

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Series B and C for Rapid Growth

See how this PoS software solution was able to use Shoobx through its Series B and C rounds and manage a rapidly expanding team.

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Fundraising with Speed

See how this technology company is using Shoobx for speedy fundraising.

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Switching to Shoobx is fast and easy.

See how this consumer brand made the move in just 24 hours.

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Equity Financing Prep

See how this biotech company was able to use Shoobx to prep for its first equity financing round and protect its critical IP.

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Streamlined Client Collaboration

See how this innovative law firm uses Shoobx to streamline collaboration with their clients.

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