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Type:A Brands was founded to raise the bar on natural deodorant by paying attention to every detail, overachieving expectations, and never settling for mediocrity. That’s also why founder Allison Moss chose Shoobx.

After a few years on another equity management platform, they learned about Shoobx from the relationship manager at their bank. Intrigued by the broader capability set, but very busy growing their business with new launches with Target, Amazon, and more, they decided to make the switch when they learned how quick it would be. “We really appreciated that Shoobx takes a holistic approach; having not just equity but HR and a data room makes things so much easier on us,” according to Allison.

“Importing all of my information was easy,” said Allison, “Nearly everything was shifted automatically. Within 24 hours, we were up and running on Shoobx with everything we needed. Shoobx has been able to handle everything we’ve needed it for, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what the platform can do.”

Shoobx is excited to contribute to a world in which we all smell better…and data rooms are much cleaner.

Switching to Shoobx

Getting up and running on Shoobx is easy, whether you’re new to equity management platforms or looking to upgrade from an existing platform.

Get Started

Because Shoobx provides such a breadth of productivity-enhancing workflows, your onboarding process will involve information relating to corporate structure, employees, consultants, and board and stockholder matters. If you onboard from another equity management service, you’ll be able to leverage the information in your current platform to streamline the equity onboarding process.

Migrate Your Equity

We will walk you through collecting your equity information from your existing account. You can use the reports from your current system to simplify the process. The key documents will be your plan form documents along with your cap table and its supporting information. Your Shoobx support team will work with you to confirm that everything is captured correctly.

Communicate the Change

Once you’re on Shoobx, you will want to create your plan to tell your team, investors, and board about the big move. This can be done on the timeline that best fits your priorities and your company’s stage. We have communication templates and playbooks for each key stakeholder group that have been used by many other clients, and will work with you to come up with a communication plan. Have questions? We’re always happy to chat at

“Within 24 hours, we were up and running on Shoobx with everything we needed.”

-Allison Moss, Founder and CEO

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