Shoobx promotes equity in founding teams.

At Shoobx, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, and part of that mission is doing what we can to knock down the obstacles that they face when starting and growing their companies. Gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability should not be barriers to starting a company and raising money, but far too often, they still are.

That’s why we’re excited to offer a full year of Shoobx, on us, to all founding teams whose identities are not yet adequately represented in the startup ecosystem. This offer is open to all companies, so long as they have not raised a Series A, institutional round, or more than $5 million total. Startups, and the communities around them, do better when everyone is not just welcomed, but given the material support that they need.

Have questions about the offer or about whether your company qualifies? We’d love to hear from you.

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The Offer:

Founding teams whose identities are not yet adequately represented can receive a free year of Shoobx, so the company’s subscription fee will be $0, regardless of how the company grows. Learn more about our subscription pricing.

The Fine Print:

This offer does not include transactional fees for services such as incorporation, Shoobx Onboarding, or Equity Financings. A 409A valuation will not be included in the subscription during the free year, but is available for purchase through Shoobx. Companies must be new Shoobx customers. Companies must not have raised a Series A or institutional round, or more than $5 million total.

How To Get It:

Just ask! Simply mention this offer to any Shoobx representative during your initial conversation.

Selected clients

We’re thrilled whenever any company is able to take advantage of this offer. These are some of our favorite companies with underrepresented founders doing big things.

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