Running My Business

Seamlessly manage key company processes so that you can focus your time and resources where they really matter: on growing your business.

Hiring Beyond The Founding Team

As your team grows, use Shoobx’s workflows to hire and manage employees without the hassle and expense of a separate HR-only solution.

Flexible Fundraising Tools

Whether you’re raising money with a convertible note, a SAFE, or going through a preferred financing, Shoobx has tools to help you plan your fundraise as well as execute the financing itself through our workflows.

Modern Equity Management

When you set up a Stock Incentive Plan and issue equity through Shoobx, the cap table will grow with your company and is always automatically updated.

Data Room Peace of Mind

Execute workflows with confidence knowing all your documents will be securely stored in Shoobx for all the right people. You can also use Shoobx to store all your contracts that have been executed outside Shoobx as well.

Let Shoobx save you time and money so that you can focus on growing your business.

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