Shoobx Concierge is our premium service to help you get things done in Shoobx. Our team of highly trained Shoobx experts can help you with workflow initiation and account administration, making taking company actions in Shoobx more efficient than ever.

For any company actions that can be executed through Shoobx, the Concierge team can facilitate setup and administration of the associated workflows.

Helping you and your attorney get things done.

Equity Management

Whether you’re awarding option grants, setting up a new Stock Incentive Plan, dealing with a stock split, or more, we can help you quickly and accurately capture company equity events.

Board and Stockholder Activity

Your board and stockholders are important stakeholders in your company, and we’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly as you deal with board consents, stockholder communications, and other activities.


Raising money is an important milestone for your company, and we can help you administer the workflows and capture the data from these events so that you can focus on growth.

Human Resources

We’ll work with you to understand your hiring document needs, align the Shoobx workflow configurations with your business processes, and help you set up repeatable lifecycle-related actions.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Our team members can run workflows and assist with account administration on you or your client’s behalf but will only do so under instruction from you or your attorney, and using information that your team provides—we can help you take actions, but we are not decision-makers!
  • All documents will be sent to your attorney for review.
  • Shoobx Concierge services start at $150 per hour.
  • All projects will receive a complimentary assessment upfront about time required, and we’ll stay in touch with you throughout the process with updates as needed.
  • Shoobx Concierge will not run workflows where you are engaging with a third-party service provider (for example, requesting a 409A).
  • Use of Shoobx Concierge is governed by our Terms of Use.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at for more information about getting started with the Shoobx Concierge team. We’ll have a kick off call with you and your attorney to get you started!