Shoobx Supports Public Benefit Corporations

At Shoobx, we’re passionate about using the tools we’ve built to support companies doing social good. That’s why we’ve updated our platform to specifically handle Public Benefit Corporations. Now, we are currently the only platform that captures and reflects the required language and intent of the public benefit structure.

Do You Run a Public Benefit Corporation?

People start Public Benefit Corporations to build a business that makes a positive impact on society—hence the “Public Benefit” of the name—not to do formulaic paperwork. That is what Shoobx is for! We are the equity management platform that generates, executes, and stores legal documents, so our clients can spend less time hunting for signatures and more time building their companies. Our all-in-one platform gives clients all the workflows need to to manage a company throughout its entire lifecycle, from incorporation, to granting equity, to exit.

If have founded or are running a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, you would benefit from Shoobx. Please fill out the form below, and a member of the Shoobx team will reach out to you to discuss how.