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Shoobx – The Next Generation Equity Management Solution

Accuracy. Control. Accessible Expertise. That’s our formula. We’re a proven partner to help you solve the problems of messy cap tables and data rooms, so you can focus on growing your business.

Unlike other equity management solutions, we provide everything you need to operate and exit:

  • Fundraise faster than ever before by having a diligence-ready auto-populating data room.
  • Have more accurate data and documentation knowing your data is tied to legal documents and not reliant on manual entry.
  • Automate your legal operations with 30+ off-the-shelf templates and in-app coordination with your legal counsel.
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Carta on Steroids

We’ve been called “Carta on steroids” because our capabilities rocket past what Carta can provide.

We’ve spent time with our early partners listening to real problems they’re facing to develop an equity management system that’s centered on accuracy, control, and accessible expertise.

Solving your equity management isn’t as simple as fixing a spreadsheet–that’s why Shoobx offers the right tools paired with expert guidance, so you get it right, the first time.

What Can You Achieve?

Optimize your day-to-day operations and ensure you do it right the first time.

We’ve helped thousands of companies clean up the messes caused by lacking equity management solutions and helped them put streamlined processes in place. 

We help you get things in order along the way to your next round so you’re financing-ready at every turn.

Get ownership clarity and have confidence in upcoming transactions.

Shoobx offers the most robust and accurate scenario modeling and pro-forma tools, all based on real-time data from your cap table. We deliver you an accurate, data-based picture of what your next round looks like. That’s confidence in where you stand, and confidence for your lawyer and future investors.

Speed up your next equity financing round.

Shoobx helps you save time when it matters most, and on a daily basis as you grow. Shoobx clients can go from term sheet to close in 14 days. That’s 75% faster than a typical closing. What could your business achieve with that level of efficiency? 

How Is Shoobx Different?



Getting documents right the first time means you’ll handle equity financing faster. Shoobx guides you through complex processes step-by-step, links all documents directly to the cap table, and automatically stores them in your data room, a singular hub for all of your documents.

data room


Better manage and monitor your team’s diligence activities with customizable permissioning down to the document level to ensure all of your stakeholders can access everything they need, and only what they need. Shoobx makes it easy to manage stakeholder access at scale.

Accessible Expertise

No one should have to pay extra for expertise. Shoobx not only guides you step-by-step in-platform but also provides an experienced customer success team, led by a former corporate attorney who knows fundraising and due diligence, at every subscription level.

Compare Our Features

Did you know 70% of founders who look at multiple platforms choose Shoobx?

We provide one package for all of your needs and don’t nickel and dime for critical functions. Choosing a familiar name isn’t actually the “safe” solution if you’re short-changing yourself and your company. The safest choice is the one that provides you with accuracy, control, and accessible expertise. 

Find out why Shoobx should be your all-in-one equity management hub.


Automated Equity Financings

Expertly automates complex equity financings from start to finish.

Automates several financing types (SAFEs, equity financing, bridge notes, etc.).

Access to Shoobx expert coaching and support.

Fully-customizable scenario modeling with robust capabilities to handle the most challenging calculations (pro rata, convertible notes, and more) for financing rounds/exits.

Use Shoobx scenario modeling calculations in your pro forma reports. 

Generates SAFE documents only.

Limited modeling features, designed for estimates rather than accurate scenarios. 

Automated Data Room

Automatically populates and organizes records.

Documents automatically structured for legal due diligence.

Fully customizable permissioning to the individual- and document-level to manage both internal and external stakeholders.

Requires you to manually upload and organize documents.

No permissioning customization; just 2 access levels — view-only and edit access.

Automated Legal Agreements

Guided workflows that take you step-by-step through the most complex processes, providing the guardrails and controls to give you confidence along the way.

Documents are created dynamically and automatically organized in your data room

30+ unique types of legal documents, not to mention greater customization.

Minimal guidance for taking company actions.

Provides a text editor to manually generate Board Consents and record Board Meeting Minutes.

Approximately 10 unique legal documents.

Automated Employment Agreements

End-to-end coverage from onboarding to title changes to terminations, including document status tracking, automatic email updates, and e-signature capture.

Generates 10+ employment documents that auto-populate in your data room.

Off-the-shelf reports of all relevant information on employees, advisors, and consultants/contractors.

Does not generate employment documents for employees, advisors, or consultants/contractors.

Requires manual upload and organization of employment documents.

409a Valuations Independent valuations with complete access to the valuation expert and a 100% audit pass rate. In-house valuation, with pay-to-play access to the valuation expert.
Subscription Value

Simple and transparent pricing model.

Every day-to-day feature you need, all-inclusive.

5 tiers of pricing with pay-to-play features.

Hidden pricing with add-on fees for basic features (e.g., scenario modeling, exit modeling).

Multiple products having separate pricing altogether (e.g., Total Comp, Board Meeting Management).


All Shoobx subscribers have access to teams led by a dedicated customer success manager.

All stakeholders (employees, investors, etc.) have full access to our support team through multiple channels and are always included.

95% Customer Satisfaction score – well above the gold standard of 80%

Customer support is an add-on for all subscription levels. Only included in subscriptions for top tiers.

Support access is limited to a single channel and primary self-service.

Learn more about our solutions.

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Why Clients Choose Us

Why do thousands of companies rely on Shoobx to help them scale? We’ve got three reasons:

We are problem solvers.

We talked to our trusted customers….and listened. What we heard was that automatically generated documents, a secure data room, and on-call expertise make life easier for businesses. We solve bigger problems than Excel spreadsheets.

We are trusted by lawyers and investors.

Our solution is trusted by thousands of the nation’s top VC firms and investors, as well as thousands of lawyers, including the AmLaw 100. Your cap table will be so clean, your lawyer will swoon.

Shoobx clients have raised billions from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, NEA, and Y-Combinator and have been acquired by companies including Nike, Indigo.AG and Gameloft. 

We scale with you.

We built a solution that supports every stage of a company’s journey – from incorporation to IPO, and beyond. As leaders in the public market, Fidelity Investments decided the best way to set companies up for successful exits was with Shoobx. Together, we offer a full-lifecycle equity management solution.

There’s equity management. And then there’s solving the problem…

“Shoobx has automated out the drudgery part of the entire financing process from drafting, to editing, to escrowed signatures, to updating the cap table and data room. It’s been a pleasure to do deals this way – fast, efficient, more consistent and allows us to focus on building the business.

F**king awesome. It’s great to see innovation actually helping the innovation economy.”

– Felda Hardymon
Partner, Bessemer Ventures & Professor,Harvard Business School.

“I inherited Carta – which was fine. But I didn’t like being treated like a sales commission, rather than a startup leader looking for support and expertise. I talked to my team and explored other platforms. We ultimately chose Shoobx. Now I see Shoobx as my trusted advisor that takes a proactive approach to our company and data.”  

Kelley Hicks
CFO at Burrow (on her switch from Carta)

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