Who Are We?

Shoobx was built to empower the entrepreneur and allow attorneys to focus on high-value work. We modernize corporate activities for start-ups so entrepreneurs can focus on what matters; building businesses. Shoobx makes the easiest way to get something done, the right way. We truly believe that we’re in it together: entrepreneurs, legal counsel, investors, and Shoobx.

Shoobx Leadership Team

Shoobx is the legal automation tool for your startup. We manage your equity, governance, HR, and financing. You take over the world.
Jason Furtado

Jason founded Shoobx with a simple principle: empower the entrepreneur. Previously, Jason was product manager at Endeca where his prototype turned into a line of business which he drove from inception to $25M in revenue prior to Endeca’s acquisition by Oracle for a reported $1.1 billion in 2011. Jason holds BS and M. Eng. degrees in Computer Science from MIT.

Jason Furtado
CEO & Co-Founder
Jen McPhilimy

Jen McPhilimy heads product and design initiatives at Shoobx. She has over 20 years of professional design experience in hands-on and managerial roles with a focus on visual and interaction design and design strategy. Prior to joining Shoobx, Jen was a Senior User Experience Manager at Endeca and Oracle. Jen graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jen McPhilimy
Head of Product and User Experience
Stephan Richter

Prior to Shoobx, Stephan served as VP of Engineering and Chief Information Security Officer at CipherHealthwhere he formulated and developed CipherHealth‘s initial product offering, driving them to HIPAA compliance and initiating the HiTRUST certification process. Stephan was also a founding engineer at Keas, Inc. After 17 years of industry experience, he has published several books, holds 3 patents and is heavily involved in Open Source Software development.

Stephan Richter
CTO & Co-Founder
Tyler Ives

Tyler is a serial entrepreneur and launched his first successful venture while pursuing a degree in International Business at the University of Washington. Tyler later went  on to launch aerospace and biotech firms where he acted as CEO and co-founder. Passionate about business creation, he joined  Shoobx in 2014 to help other Entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow their individual companies.

Tyler Ives
Head of Business Intelligence
Matt Rowe

Matt has well over a decade of experience representing public and private technology companies from formation to funding to exit. Most recently, Matt was General Counsel at Gazelle and member of the senior leadership team. Prior to Gazelle, Matt was Corporate Counsel at Endeca Technologies, Inc., where he was actively involved in the company’s successful sale to Oracle. Matt earned a B.A. in Political Science from Boston College and J.D. from Boston College Law School.

Matt Rowe
General Counsel
Lynne Zagami Riquelme

Lynne is a corporate attorney turned client service expert. She previously served as Director of Client Engagement and Corporate Attorney at Gesmer Updegrove, a boutique law firm focused on startups. She was also Director of Client Services at Brightleaf, creator of document automation software for lawyers. She has a deep understanding of legal marketing and business development, and is an advocate for women entrepreneurs. Lynne holds degrees from Smith College and New York Law School.

Lynne Zagami Riquelme
Head of Customer Success

How We Started

Our CEO, Jason Furtado, was a product manager at Endeca when it was sold to Oracle for a reported 1.075 billion dollars. Steve Papa, the founder and CEO of Endeca, experienced the growing pains that come from trying to manage legal complexity for a successful startup first hand. Steve had seen many times during Endeca’s growth where a mistake that didn’t seem worth fixing at the time caught up with the company at the most important moment leading to unnecessary risk and a massive waste of time and money. Jason and Steve both thought there had to be a better way for startups to reduce the friction and always be ready to take advantage of opportunities like a fundraise or exit. Shoobx was built to make the easiest way to get things done the right way.

Jason and Stephan, our CTO, were the first Shoobx employees and they worked out of Boston coffee shops and one particularly tasty Korean restaurant. The team expanded to include a team of European developers that Stephan had worked with in the open-source python community. Today we have a traditional office in the heart of Boston next to Fenway Park and are proud to have employees from a variety of backgrounds and a number of countries. We’ve certainly grown in size and funding, but we’re still focused on the all-important goal of empowering awesome companies and all their stakeholders “to make the world a better place”.

Shoobx History
April 2013
Humble Beginnings
Shoobx was launched to help entrepreneurs to simplify their legal complexity and focus on growing their business.
January 2014
First Company on Shoobx
Toast Logo
June 2014
First Equity Granted with Shoobx
Parallel Wireless
Parallel Wireless is a rapidly growing organization and managing an employee stock incentive plan could be a full-time job. Shoobx enables our clients to not only grant equity via our platform, but allows their employees to exercise their options as well.
September 2014
First Company Formation
In 2014 we completed our first company formation via Shoobx. This is now one of our most popular services and rightly so. We streamline the incorporation process and keep you on track afterwards. With your company on rails you can spend your time growing your business.
March 2015
First Financing
Clear Ballot Small
This was the first time a company was able to execute their financing through the Shoobx platform. Shoobx reduces the amount of time to do a financing by an order of magnitude. If a company anticipates raising money Shoobx will save a lot of headache and a lot of money.
March 2015
ISO 27001 Certification
We take security seriously and we proved it in 2015. We have strict security policies and contingency disaster plans. We even play war games with ourselves to test our systems and protocols.
December 2015
2000 Unique Users
In December Shoobx gained it’s 2,000th user. Onward and Upwards.
March 2016
Secured Our First Patent
We obtained our first technology patent: “Computer-guided corporate governance with document generation and execution.”
December 2016
ISO 27018 Certification
Our ISO 27018 certification is an outward expression of our internal commitment to protect all personal data that lives on our cloud. Our clients store sensitive data with us and we want our users to know that we’re serious about keeping that data safe and secure.
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