Empowering Entrepreneurs

Building a company isn’t for the faint of heart. Here at Shoobx we’ve built the very best tools for the entrepreneur. Navigating the red tape alone can be a full-time job (and often is). We solve that issue. Let us help you focus on growing your business.

Your Company

Managing your company’s corporate legal activity has never been easier than with the Shoobx platform. We help you tackle complex processes while providing transparency and a secure platform for everything from incorporation to exit.

The Modern Way

Shoobx is changing the way companies traditionally address legal complexity. Computers are really good at repetitive and tedious tasks while lawyers are excellent at providing unique high-value advice.  We allow you to leverage the best of both worlds.

Unparalleled Transparency

With Shoobx, all of your information is securely stored in the right place, for all the right people. Our platform is completely interconnected; changing a date or value in one place will trickle through the entire system and update where appropriate.

Save Time and Money

Increased transparency and reduced risk are both huge benefits of the Shoobx platform, but ultimately we save the entrepreneur time and money so you can focus on what matters most: growing your company.
"As a fast growing innovative company, we need a solution to simplify and efficiently manage our equity. Shoobx organizes everything and makes all the right information available to all the right people."
- Kaitki Agarwal
co-Founder, Parallel Wireless

Your Employees

Employees are the critical building blocks of any successful company, and we make their lives as smooth as possible. Employees receive their own Shoobx login so they can access all their hiring, company and insurance documentation in one place.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

Your employees’ first experience with Shoobx will start with the offer letter. Then we take care of the I-9, W-4, EEO survey, company policy acceptance, and any other documentation you have for them. We make the hiring process easy, straightforward, and fast.

Full Equity Standing

Employees can log into their Shoobx portal at anytime to check on all of their stock options and review their equity standing via easy to understand graphics. They view their vesting schedule, file their 83(b), and even exercise their options through the platform.

Access to Critical Documents

Employees can find all of their insurance information, employee confidentiality agreement, equity award documents, and important company policies in one convenient place. They simply log into their Shoobx account and find everything there.
"Shoobx is the first place I turn for anything HR, equity, or governance related—whether it's hiring, firing, granting shares, or changing my board. It never disappoints in getting to the end goal fast."
- Jair Hernandez
Bab'l Books

Your Board

Running a Delaware C Corp is no picnic. We do our best to remove all the friction we can for your company’s board members. The ability to quickly approve company actions is something we can help with.

Sign Anytime, Anywhere

Board members can get the Shoobx app and receive instant alerts on their phones when their signature is required. They can review documents and sign consents on the go or at the office.

Stay Organized

Board members searching for documents? Stop right there. By logging into Shoobx, board members can find all their documents and our insightful reports exactly where they’d expect to find them.

Digital Board Book

Shoobx automatically logs all of the board’s transaction history. Feel free to review it at anytime.
Board Member Screens