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Shoobx brings you integrated 409A valuations to establish Fair Market Value for stock option grants. Collecting all the required documentation can be a time-consuming activity. With Shoobx, that process is streamlined, and you get fast, accurate, and competitively-priced 409A from our industry-vetted partners.

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Getting a 409A Valuation is a critical step in remaining fundraising-ready. Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) 409A has important implications for your business’s Stock Incentive Plan. IRC 409A says that stock options must be issued with an exercise price at least equal to the fair market value (“FMV”) of one share of the company’s common stock. To comply with IRC 409A, your company’s board must employ a “reasonable valuation method” to establish FMV.

“I really feel like I got hands-on, direct knowledge from working with Shoobx. There’s nothing I need that Shoobx doesn’t have.”

– Kelley Hicks, CFO, Burrow

409A Valuation Report

For companies that are raising venture capital, and expect to be subject to rigorous audits in compliance with US GAAP, a Valuation Report is the gold-standard. Such a report provides the security of a “Safe Harbor,” meaning that the IRS will deem the resultant valuation “reasonable,” except under rare instances. Shoobx companies receive the valuation analysis wrapped in a comprehensive report that is signed by a valuation expert.

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“We really appreciated your efforts in the recent 409a valuation for Hillstream BioPharma. You are very thorough and we particularly liked that you are approachable and willing to discuss and explain the valuation. Truly refreshing.”

– Randy Milby, CEO, Hillstream Biopharma

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