Scenario Modeling

Planning your next steps just got easier with Shoobx scenario modeling

Whether you’re planning for your next round, exploring exit strategies, or anything in between, you can feel confident using Shoobx scenario modeling and planning features. Our modeling tools help you understand the impact of your fundraise and how your future funding plans might look in exit and dilution scenarios, explore hypothetical future rounds, and export scenarios to review with your team.

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“What sets Shoobx apart is the fact that my cap table, data room, and stock ledger are automatically updated when I grant shares. With absolutely no effort from me!”

– Mathieu Nouzareth, Co-founder & CEO, FreshPlanet

Lots of companies rely on Shoobx scenario modeling

Robust modeling capabilities for private companies and venture funds

Modeling and tracking multiple exit scenarios

Visualizing additional investment and outcomes

Internal Rate of Return and Cash-on-cash calculations

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“Beyond cutting a lot of costs on legal fees, Shoobx gives me way more transparency and insight, since I now have all the documents in front of me all the time. I can see my cap table and every document that is in my data room at any time, and I can do a lot of things myself.”

– Menno van der Zee, CEO and Founder,

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