From Formation to Exit

The power in our platform comes from its breadth of capability. We can help you with incorporation, hiring employees, creating stock incentive plans, fundraising, and more.


Incorporating as a Delaware C corporation has never been easier. Create your company’s charter and file it with Delaware. Establish the structure of your new company from board members to initial company ownership.

Incorporation in 10 Minutes
Start your incorporation today and stand up your company in a matter of days. The actual incorporation workflow only takes 10-15 minutes of your time.
Incorporate for $99
Because our computers automate what most people do by hand, incorporating a Delaware C Corporation is only $99 plus applicable Delaware fees.
Use Shoobx for free
When you incorporate through Shoobx there is no onboarding fee. You can use the basic Shoobx plan as long as you want for free. No strings attached.
Shoobx's incorporation process example

Equity Management

Shoobx features a robust suite of equity management tools, including a dynamic stock ledger and capitalization table that are always up-to-date, in order to provide a clear picture of your equity landscape.

Shoobx's equity management screen
Accurate capitalization table
Our cap table dynamically links directly to all supporting equity documents so you can stop sending around countless versions of Excel spreadsheets.
Robust solution for your investment documents
Shoobx can deal with e-certificates, multiple classes of stock, 83(b)s, automated time-based vesting, stock splits, warrants, and other investment types.
409A valuations
Shoobx leverages all of your company data in order to automate a large portion of this typically very manual process. With Shoobx, you can get fast and accurate results with the push of a button. Welcome to the 21st century.


Time to raise money? We’re here for you. Let Shoobx save you time and money while taking the ambiguity out of the term sheet so you can focus on the things that matter.

Close quickly
Shoobx enables required parties to perform a due diligence in days, not weeks. Reduce friction and close your deal in a fraction of the time.
Save money
Deals don’t need to cost tens of thousands of dollars. We can keep more of that money at work for you and your company.
Documents automatically integrated
Shoobx captures your deal with all of its nuances and makes it a part of your company’s institutional history. Your cap table and all other systems accurately reflect the deal. No additional work required.
Equity financing screen

Human Resources

Need to hire and manage employees? We can help. Shoobx manages all aspects of the employee lifecycle with a suite of HR features.

Streamlined hiring and onboarding
Digitally generate, sign, and store I-9s, W-4s, offer letters and any other documentation you have. Manage payroll with our Paylocity integration. Employees receive their own Shoobx login so that they can access all their critical information.
Reporting and employee information
Easily generate key HR reports, including employment eligibility, compensation reports, and onboarding reports. Shoobx also manages your employee directory and automatically produces organizational charts.
Custom onboarding forms
Tailor Shoobx settings for your organization’s HR team so that all hiring and onboarding happens consistently. Create custom forms and manage permissions and approvers.
Human resources management screen

Board and Stockholder Relations

From consents to board minutes to stockholder communications, Shoobx offers you the tools to manage the approval process and securely store your governance records, all in one place.

Board consent screen
Board consents made easier
When a board consent is created, Shoobx automatically notifies the appropriate parties to sign the generated consent. The document is then executed and stored in Shoobx.
Approval tracking
See who has already approved a resolution and which parties still need to sign. With Shoobx, you’ll always know what the next step is.
Maintain immaculate records
Shoobx captures all your board minutes and written consents. Your company history is safe, secure, and beautifully organized.

Data Room

With every action you take in Shoobx, we automatically organize your documents in a secure, searchable Data Room to keep your company investor ready every day.

Intuitive user experience
Documents generated in Shoobx are automatically added to your Data Room and drag-and-drop upload allows you to easily add others. Stay organized with an exportable document index.
Advanced access control and reporting
You decide exactly who should have access to view, edit, or share your company’s documents—by folder or by document. Our real-time reporting logs all activity so you can track anyone accessing your documents.
Diligence mode
Shoobx sends notifications about document changes to other parties during due diligence, watermarks document downloads, and tracks diligence activity details in your Data Room.
Data room screen

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